Our Plants

Premium organic potted plants

High meadows is proud to be an area leader in producing some of the highest quality organic potted herbs year round in our 12,000 square feet of greenhouses. We specialize in growing organic potted herbs year round in our over 12,000 sq. ft of greenhouses. Our plants can be found at a wide range of coops and natural food stores as well as garden centers and natural supermarkets throughout New England. We also retail our organic potted herbs, hanging baskets and perennials at the Brattleboro Farmers Market during the growing season.

What do we grow?

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To see a list of stores and other outlets where you can find our plants, please click here!

Learn More About Wholesale Accounts

With multiple deliveries throughout the week to areas around New England, we do a large portion of our sales through wholesale accounts. If you’re interested in learning more about purchasing direct through us, please click here.